There are 30 joints between the main girders and the 25 filler beams. Therefore, the steel frame was equipped with 30 accelerometers installed on the main girders at the 30 joints. 27 PCB model 393B04 accelerometers and 3 B&K model 8344 accelerometers were used. PCB model 080A121 magnetic mounting plates were used to attach the accelerometer to the steel structure. Also, a modal shaker (Model 2100E11) is used to apply vibration on the structure. The signal is applied to the shaker through a SmartAmp 2100E21-400 power amplifier. Two 16-channel data acquisition devices were used to generate the shaker input and collect the acceleration output.

The accelerometers. (a) PCB 393B04. (b) B&K 8344.
The modal shaker (TMS 2100E11) attached to the test structure.
The two data acquisition devices (DT9857E-16) along with the shaker’s power amplifier (SmartAmp 2100E21-400).